Transcend TS8GSSD25S-S Flash DISK

Transcend TS8GSSD25S-S Flash DISK
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Sep 2018

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Transcend TS8GSSD25S-S 8 Gt


Ssd-levyistä puhutaan ja kohutaan, mutta miksi? No siksi, että ne nopeuttavat tietokonetta merkittävästi! Testasimme neljä e.. Lue koko tuotearvostelu MikroBitin tilaajana voit lukea koko...

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Good Drive


Using it in small form factor home firewall running pfsense. Been working great for almost a year now running 24/7

Price per GB is high but wanted the higher reliability since it's running my network

Mär 2012

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Works Great


breathed new life into this old tablet PC.

Made a great replacement for the ol' Toshiba 4200rpm 6gig drive in a Fujitsu Stylistic LT C-500 and running Win XP SP2. Much faster boot time and app opening

Wish there was a larger drive available with these specs or better

Mär 2011

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Transcend TS8GSSD25S-S 2.5" 8GB SATA II SLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


There are alot of mlc ssds with a higher mtbf rating than this and a much higher read/rite. I know that slc is more reliable but for the price, anyone who is just gaming or something shouldn't waste your money on these. Unless you have the money to...

Nov 2010

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Nice Reviews


I just bought a Shell-Shocker CPU/Mobo combo for $169! Sweet deal!

Wow, this is the only SSD with a 5 egg rating, and it's just because people keep writing about the MTFB thing, or whatever it is called. LOL

I really want an SSD! I can't wait until they drop to around $0.10 / GB, like HDDs. They should be cheaper already because people seem to have a lot of problems with them

Okt 2010

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MTBF Arguments


MTBF is calculated at the component level. It is not determined empirically by "running a bunch of drives for a couple of months ; To calculate MTBF, the operating point of every single component on the circuit board is examined. For example, a 6.3V...

None. It works in my IPCop router just fine

Aug 2010

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One of the best drives


I've been using these drives to run XP and a few other programs on small, low power mini-itx style computers. Works great and should last a VERY long time. The 16GB version is also a great choice if you need more room.

SLC technology, so it'll last longer than an MLC drive, however MLCs are suppose to last at least 5 years or so, so they may be a better deal if your planning on replacing in a few years anyhow. These drives also consume very low power and don't run...

High price/MB

Jul 2010

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re: mtbf


I'm not exactly sure how it is in the solid-state hard drive world, but at least in the thermoplastics industry failure prediction tests can be performed for a fraction of time and extrapolated out much further (10x-ish) to get accurate failure time...

this is really a reply to the mtbf review. I don't own one of these myself but it sure would be nice to have one


Jun 2010

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how can the MTBF be 1 million hours? that's 114 years, and the technology is not anywhere close to that old. this doesn't make sense!

fast, cheap, and it claims to be very reliable

reliability claim is not sane

Mär 2010

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fast and quiet


thinking about getting a larger MLC SSD for a 2nd disk in this system

Great drive for Linux OS disk on my new mini-ITX build! VIA VB8001 (new nano board) running an amazing 28W @ idle & 43W at full load (per Kill-a-Watt 4400). An Atom can't do that

relatively high $/MB

Jan 2009