Patriot Torqx M28 128GB / SATA ll (PTX128GS25SSDR)

Patriot Torqx M28 128GB / SATA ll (PTX128GS25SSDR)
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Sep 2018

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Patriot Torqx M28, 256 Go de MLC - SSD


Nous donnons encore et toujours dans le SSD, et cela ne va pas s'arrêter de si tôt, car de nouveaux modèles sont livrés presque toutes les semaines à la rédaction. Aujourd'hui, nous vous proposons un test du Patriot Torqx M28, un SSD à la capacité de...

Mär 2010

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Patriot Torqx M28 PTX128GS25SSDR 128 GB


Patriot Torqx M28 to pojemny i wydajny dysk SSD nowej generacji. Duży 128 MB bufor pamięci podręcznej i całkiem nowy kontroler pokazują na co je stać.

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Newegg service is extremely fast! I usually receive items from the NJ warehouse within two days from order date!

This SSD is crazy fast, programs load very quickly. As advertised, read and write speeds are accurate. Noticed a difference compared to Raptor speeds, definitely responds well. I have not experienced any slow activity or pauses even when the drive is full

I get conflicting info on TRIM and whether or not it is supported. I read how my motherboard does not currently support this but works natively in Win 7

Jul 2010

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Patriot Torqx M28 Series 256


Patriot Torqx M28 Series 256 , Well took my Score in windows 7 from 5.9 to 7.0 in data transfer rate , Had two 150 Gig raptors in raid 0 . Man real easy to set up , did a clone copy with Acronis True Image Home 2010 , Changed my bios and that's all she...

Faster than two RAID 0 (striped disks) Raptors / No Heat / faster boot times

Way way to much money

Apr 2010

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hmmm....a little bit of a let down


Honestly, I like the drive most of the time but the pauses are annoying. If I knew this the drive acted like this, I would have saved my money and wait a few more months until better SSD drives are released. Core i7@2.8GHz, MSI p55-GD80, 8GB Kingston...

It is fast, programs load fast (photoshop cs4 in 1.5 seconds) when the system doesn't pause

I noticed my system pauses every now and then (it is really noticeable when I watch movies). It seems my system doesn't respond when I try to open or shut programs for a few seconds. This didn't happen before when I was just using harddrives. I read...

Feb 2010

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Very fast


Too bad these devices are still too expensive because it is a night and day difference in booting times and regular day-to-day tasks.

Extremely fast Win7 boot times. After doing some minor tweaks recommended at Patriot's forum the ssd screams even faster! So far no firmware updates have been released which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it ; It is good not to have a...

Make sure to apply the OS tweaks for WinXP/Win7

Jan 2010

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Upgrade your Firmware...


Bottom line: after RAM (the cheapest upgrade), an SSD is the best way to speed up your computer. If you already have processor(s) >2GHZ and >2+GB memory no need for a new computer: add an SSD and you will be amazed. The 64GB is probably the...

Torqx SSDs have upgradable firmware. As they fix issues with or otherwise upgrade the software in their controller you will be able to upgrade the controller in your SSD. (Don't lose the jumper!!!) Patriot provides upgrade software on their web site....

Upgrade your firmware to the latest (at least 1819) before you start using the drive as the upgrade wipes out the data. I bought 2 128GB Torqx, one on 11/2 from Newegg for my portable and one 12/24 for my desktop. Both had 1571 firmware. My portable...

Dez 2009

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Thumbs Up!


This is the first SSD I would consider of daily desktop use. I place my OS and important applications on the SSD, games on my velociraptor RAID 0, and data on single storage drive. This has proven to be the best performing and most secure drive...

Speed - this drive is faster as my 2 300G VelociRaptors in RAID 0. With just a fresh installation of Win 7, both configurations were close in speed. But with the addition of applications and other data loaded on to about 35%+ disk usage, this SSD has...

Price - Very expensive. The performance is awesome, but the $ per Gig ratio is steep ; Samsung Controller - So far no Win 7 TRIM support. No firmware updates appear to be coming. Not sure it matters with the built in garbage collection feature, but...

Dez 2009

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The future of storage


I was on the fence trying to decide if I wanted to build a new I7 system. Instead of dropping over $1000 in a new build, I decided to "test" SSD technology. I installed Windows 7 on this drive and my "old" Q9550 system feels like a new faster machine....

Super fast. 10 year warranty

Price, but is cheaper than a new mobo and processor. The included tray is incompatible with my Antec Sonata II drive trays. I worked around that though

Aug 2009

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Great drive


Fast...... easy to install

None atm

Aug 2009