Patriot PT32GS25SSDR 32GB interne Solid State Drives (6,5 cm (2,5 Zoll) SATA 300)

Patriot PT32GS25SSDR 32GB interne Solid State Drives (6,5 cm (2,5 Zoll) SATA 300)
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Sep 2018

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Intermittently awesome


This could possibly be a defect in SSD/OS communication, SSD manufacturing, controller, the list is seemingly limitless. I have turned off all sleep of any kind, which is a tip from an OCZ forum, thought it wouldn't hurt to apply to this drive. Be sure...

This drive is next to perfect for what it is. Everything is present with this drive: price point, performance, and capacity ; This drive, for me, was fairly easy to set up, and doesn't require too much continued maintenance since it has TRIM and a...

I don't know if it's the controller, just a trait of this drive, or what, but I have already had one of these drives go bad, and now its replacement is showing symptoms of failure. I keep having to reset the CMOS to get the BIOS to see this drive....

Sep 2011

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Not impressed


got this for a brand new build: AMD 1075T X6 16 GB Gskill 1333 RAM HD Radeon 6850 ... put my OS onto this SSD and used my old HD as storage space. The computer boots up super fast, but dont notice any change other than that. I wouldn't recommend this...

Boot time

The first time I shut down after Installing the OS, the Motherboard would not detect the SSD. Had to open the case and power cycle the SSD for it to detect. Tested the mobo SATA port and the SATA cable and they are both good. This happened 3 or 4 times...

Mär 2011

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Amazong speed!


Don't be reluctant to buy an SSD drive. If for nothing else, get one for your OS.

The speed of a SSD is uncanny if you have never used one before. I installed WIN 7 on this, all updates, still have a couple gigs left. Blazing fast boot time

The connector placement is poor if you plan on using 2 in a 3.5 bay converter

Mär 2011

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New life for 10 year old computer


Can't even find drivers for my motherboard supporting Win 7, yet it works like a charm. More proud of these specs than my new rig. AMD Athlon 2600 Slot A (upgraded this year from 1800 for kicks) A7N266-E Asus DDR 333? 1.5 gb 3 sticks (maxed) 6200...

Haven't bench-marked but didn't see the point. Revived a slot A AMD2600 with 1.5gb ram and Windows 7. used a Rosewill RC-212 VIA PCI SATA 1.5G to add Sata to an old machine. Had an old WD 160gb Raptor that worked ok with Win 7, but this ssd makes it...

none yet. this old gaming rig got passed around the family in different places several times and now I have it back 10 yrs later. Nice to see it running well with this SSD. Never thought I would feel this way about a computer.... haha

Jan 2011

Kundenmeinung (

SSD Upgrade eee 900a


This is not the speedy ssd, internet browsing will still be slow.

Easy upgrade for multiple eee ssd models

Poor read/write speeds

Jun 2009

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Poor customer support


More space for my EeePC, don't really care about the speed of the drive though that speed sounds awesome

After installing the drive, the chip isn't detected properly by the BIOS after following their instructions that came in the box. I emailed their tech support twice and never received a reply. The stock drive still works fine in the computer. All I...

Mär 2009

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its in my 900A


1 egg from perfect because it was just shy from the speed i had hoped for... very close.. again if you want more room this card will give you more bang for the buck at this time but if you want more speed i think they are coming out with a new card...

you get what you pay for patriot does not over estimate the capabilities of its ssd it does what it says from write speeds the read speeds. for those upgrading their 900a this is worth the price for upgrading the original 4gig ssd. asus 900a 2gig...

it does not fully exceed the speed of the original 4gig ssd. Surfing is now stutter free and video but multi tasking hick-ups now n then

Feb 2009

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Me and poster 1 are in same boat.


When an item is made to a specification, such as Mini-PCIe, these items are supposed to be interchangable in form, fit, but not always function. A USB device always fits inside a USB port, PCI fits PCI, and AGP fits AGP. While this part fits the...

See below

See Below

Jan 2009

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Correction to the person below me


I don't have this yet but I want to correct the person below me. He said that it doesn't fit in the Dell mini-9 but that is because it sepcifically says in the Specifications tab that it is designed for certain versions of the Asus EEE PC. Just thought...

See Other thoughts

See Other thoughts

Jan 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Does not fit mini-9


Even though it's unopened I can't return it since it's a non-refundable item..

box looks nice

It's too long and does not fit in the Dell Mini-9

Jan 2009