Solid State Disk (SSD) Force Series - 40 GB - SATA II 2.5"

Solid State Disk (SSD) Force Series - 40 GB - SATA II 2.5"
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Sep 2018

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Bad Reallocated Sector Count


Bought it when it first came out since it came with a rebate. It seems that my ssd has an issue when I started doing some test. I did multiple benchmarks and almost all software I used show Reallocated Sector Count with a warning highlight/mini caution...

Sandforce Controller, It works

Bad Reallocated Sector Count, Rated speed unmet

Mär 2011

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Trash! Prepare for BSODs


Would not recommend purchasing any product from a manufacturer that doesn't back their mistakes. I bought a samsung to replace this and "miraculously" it works as expected!

fast boots

DO NOT PURCHASE if you plan on using in a system that you want to S3 sleep/standby. Your machine will crash on resume. There are a few users that have not experienced this issue but if you check the corsair forums, you'll see it's littered with...

Mär 2011

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Great Boot Drive


Great Drive for a boot and swapp file.

Superfast. Boot time for me is 14 sec for windows 7 ultimate. Easy to install

None really as I knew it had no rails. I just got creative in the way I mounted it to overcome this. works great

Mär 2011

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the case i used this in didnt have anyway to mount a 2.5" drive so i just lined it up to the side of the 3.5" drive bays for floppy and put two screws in. the drive is so light that the weight no supported on the other side will never have a negative...

very fast, obviously! I like to think the F40 name was given in relation to the F40 Ferrari for speed :P

no mounting kits or screws

Feb 2011

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I emailed Corsair and they sent me a bracket for free!! A++ service!

Boots windows 7 64 bit in 33 seconds. Thats cold boot. From nothing to desktop ; Perfect size for a basic OS install and programs, with a few gigs to spare

Did not include 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch bracket

Feb 2011

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Fast SSDs


Perfect Price, good company. RAID-0 was a breeze with my ASUS board. All Sata are backwards compatible, they will just run at the lower speed. I bought a board with SATA 3gbs, these drives barely reach that so its perfect. Can't find the TRIM...

Price, it was $105 when i bought it ; Reads and WRITES fast ; Corsiar reliability

Did not come with mounting brackets for a 3.5 bay

Feb 2011

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Corsair Force F40 CSSD-F40GB2 2.5" 40GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


I haven't had any issues since I've done the "required" win7 tweaks to reduce read/writes to the SSD. For the first month it seemed my PC would randomly hang now and then for 3-5 seconds. Like no input at all, screen and video and everything would...

Great performance from an SSD for boot purposes in relation to it's price ; With windows being on the SSD and all but my two fav games being on regular HDD's, the regular HDD's can be turned off by win7 to save power. A nice side benefit to the purchase

Price. As always, since SSD's are still the newer storage medium on the market, they're still pretty expensive ; I do believe there is a lack of information packaged with the SSD. I know adaptors of new tech generally have high enough tech knowledge...

Jan 2011

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ive had the drive a grand total of 3 months. the thing worked at first, now it won't even get recognized by my mobo. waste of money. buy an intel ssd.

absolutely none

dead after 3 months

Jan 2011

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Great as a Boot Drive


So far so good. Good price for SSD performance on a budget. Sandforce driver is a plus. Obviously isn't as good as the larger sized SSD, but compared to the competition in this size range clearly the best. Very Happy overall!

Super Fast Boot ; Great Install Times ; Just Works


Jan 2011

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Very fast with XP installed


Windows XP works superbly on these drives.

Installed on a couple of computers for the local library. Image cloned worked great. These drives cut the boot time by 2/3

None yet

Dez 2010