Mushkin Callisto deluxe

Mushkin Callisto deluxe
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Sep 2018

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Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 60GB review


It might have a Sandforce-based memory controller, but the Callisto Deluxe wasn't particularly quick

The 60GB Callisto Deluxe costs £90, which is around £10 more than the

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Will never buy Mushkin again, and cannot recommend them for any purpose.

Reasonably fast sequential access, cool design

Poor small file access Multiple errors throughout the years. Controller board failure after 4. Newer 1 TBs have thrown multiple controller access errors (temp hard hangs).

Dez 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Worked for under 2 years.


2nd Mushkin SSD I've had. 1st one to die. Sticking with OCZ, as that one is still working in my rig after 3+ years use.

Nice fast boot-ups.

Was used in mother's PC. Not recognized by the bios. Even tried it in my rig, not recognized. Dead SSD.

Dez 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Failed after 3 years 1 month


Designed to last to the warranty and no longer, will never buy another Mushkin product, this is the THIRD product that has died within months of the products expiration. Will stick with Intel or Samsung from now on.

Worked great for the first 3 years....

After 3 years and 1 month: . Started to notice random dataloss one day and an hour later it died completely.

Aug 2014

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Died after 6 months.


While the system was running, I spot checked temps around the SSD under various load conditions and it was always cool to the touch. I also had the pagefile remapped to spinning disks, to limit SSD writes. PSU in the system is a Corsair running at...

Fast, while it worked.

Suddenly died for no apparent reason, just after 6 months. No hiccups or odd behavior, no blue screens or taking a long time to read a file. Worked fine yesterday, dead today. Investigation reveals the BIOS can tell something is present and tries for...

Mär 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Great Speed, But Very Unreliable


If you want to buy this drive, know the risks and get the extended warranty. I am replacing it with a Kingston 120gb SSD that is faster, and currently way cheaper than the 60gb version of this drive.

Speed is fantastic, especially when used only to boot Windows.

Very unreliable. In the time that I had it, a little under 2 years, it failed twice. The first time it failed I was running Windows 7. I got the drive working again after a reformat, and figured it had just been a hiccup. I reinstalled Windows and it...

Mär 2014

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Not what I expect from Mushkin


I used to buy Mushkin memory exclusively. I used to drive right down to their office in downtown Denver and pick up memory. People there used to know me by name. Then they moved to a cheaper part of town. I bought their power supplies and had nothing...

It's an SSD, and I got a pretty good deal on it for $110.

It doesn't come anywhere near meeting the stated specs. Highest read speed I've ever gotten was about 200MB/sec (SATA III), and best write speed I can get is about 50MB/sec. I've had it for 2 years and 3 months, and still works really well, but based...

Feb 2014

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Buyer beware! Very poor quality SSD! Do not buy!


Reasonably fast, decent price at the time it was purchased.

*****Buyer beware! Very poor quality SSD! Do not buy!***** An expensive product containing no moving parts that is maintained in a well ventilated PC tower and is not heavily used or abused should just work and not fail. Several weeks after the 3-year...

Dez 2013

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Mushkin Enhanced MKNSSDCL120GB-DX


Looks great

Dead after 3 weeks of use

Nov 2013

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Good While It Lasted


Try to stay away from ssd's with sandforce drivers. Save yourself the trouble and go with something like Samsung, Intel, or Crucial. I have a Samsung 840 and a Crucial m4 both are still going strong after much heavier use.

Good while it worked.

Died in 8 months without any warning. This drive really didn't even see too much use until the last month or 2, machine was off most of the time. Went to boot up one day after the machine had been off for a few days and the drive didn't show in bios....

Sep 2013

Product Specifications


Stoßfest (außer Betrieb):20
Stoßfest (in Betrieb):1500
Temperaturbereich in Betrieb:0 - 70
Vibrationen in Betrieb:20


Eingebaut:ja / Nicht

Gewicht & Abmessungen

Breite:6,96 / 9,99
Höhe:6,96 / 9,3 / 9,99
Tiefe:6,96 / 9,3 / 9,5


Lesegeschwindigkeit:280 / 285
Mittlere Betriebsdauer zwischen Ausfällen (MTBF):2000000
Schreibgeschw:270 / 275
Schreibgeschwindigkeit:270 / 275
SolidStateDrive (SSD) Schnittstelle:Serial ATA II
SSD Speicherkapazität:120 / 240 / 40 / 60

Technische Details

Stoßfest (außer Betrieb):20
Stoßfest (in Betrieb):1500
Temperaturbereich in Betrieb:0 - 70
Vibrationen in Betrieb:20

Weitere Spezifikationen

Eingebaut:ja / Nicht