Mushkin Callisto deluxe 120GB

Mushkin Callisto deluxe 120GB
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Sep 2018

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Mushkin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe MKNSSDCL120GB-DX 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


Requested support from Mushkin 2/16...

Excellent performance with Windows 7 x64

Failed after 12 months

Feb 2012

Kundenmeinung (

RIP 6-21-11 to 2-04-12 =(


Figured I needed to share this information since I am now included in the "drive failed after x months" club. I'm sure Mushkin will stand behind their product, its a quality company and came highly recommended by friends.

No problems when it was working

I had a windows 7 black screen of death last week.. thought it had something to do with a new version of itunes being installed. Restored from an image and was good to go.. yesterday morning I went to boot up and I was getting a no bootable disk error

Feb 2012

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SSD is the future


I bought this to extend battery life of my wife's laptop. Now her machine is faster than mine! I have seen none of the bad behavior in past reviews, I think because it came with recent firmware (3.6.1 IIRC). Now I'm salivating for 3 more of these...

Excellent price for performance. Good Mushkin reputation. Amazingly fast. Theoretically a human lifetime without mechanical failure

Bad reviews. Gets a little warmer than expected

Jan 2012

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Mushkin Enhanced Callisto Deluxe MKNSSDCL120GB-DX 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)


Always fast, always reliable

I wish I could find one, lol

Jan 2012

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High Failure Rate


FAST! Like most Solid State Drives, this drive was a screaming improvement over my conventional drives

Died after 8 months of use, taking all of my data with it. If you're going to have this drive, I recommend nightly backups to a platter because these things seem to die pretty consistently. I do not recommend this drive

Dez 2011

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Works well so far


Great price, solid brand. Hoping it doesn't fail as a few people had happen to them. I imagine with no abuse it should do just fine.

So far so good, detected instantly through both usb and sata. Fast speeds, for the price. Not top of the market yet not bottom either, and got the price I got it at (close to $1/g at the time) well worth the investment. Will update if anything...

none so far

Nov 2011

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Great price - died in 6 months


If you're using this drive as the only drive in your machine and you get an unexpected BSOD (STOP 0x000000F4) then immediately shut off the computer and figure out how you're going to get any important data off there. Power it up again only when you've...

For the price, it certainly beat the heck out of the drive my laptop came with. Boot times were reasonable, file access times (especially for large files) were great. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 and it was painless

My laptop hung a couple nights ago (Windows unresponsive, hard drive light on solid, then a BSOD). I figured it was a fluke and rebooted the machine. I SHOULD HAVE BACKED UP MY IMPORTANT STUFF RIGHT THEN. It hung again about 15 minutes later, and after...

Okt 2011

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It started out great...


If Mushkin gets this thing fixed and back ASAP I'd probably give it another egg for support.

Aug 2011

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Satisfied -> Mushkin First Time Buyer


I'm now looking to upgrade my wife's Asus laptop with an SSD. I mentioned it to her two days ago and now she's asking me every time she walks by if I'm looking at SSDs! I wanted to go with a drive that has the SandForce 2281 controller, but am...

Installed on a Toshiba P105 laptop from circa early 2007 and what a performance improvement! I used to wait for several minutes after the desktop appeared before I'd start working as it just takes so long for Windows to completely load on a platter...

The price but everyone says that. The prices are steadily dropping and I am happy that the trend will continue. I want to upgrade the firmware but need to burn a Ghost image first in case something goes wrong. This really isn't a con though, more of a...

Aug 2011

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Had to do a few tweaks to get my advertised speeds. knew that going in to the install though. awesome drive!

Easy to install, fast as advertised


Mär 2011