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Sep 2018

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Bought one of those 348$ laptops with a single core amd 1.6ghz. upgraded the cpu to dual 2.0ghz for 23$ and popped this SSD in and MAN!! My laptop is killer fast! Extremely responsive! Altho, too small for much of anything. With win7 and photoshop cs3,...

Fast, laptop or desktop (but that's the same for all 2.5" drives), cool, and low power useage

Very very very costly. For anyone who says the cost isn't that bad for what you get is lying. This drive is not 5x faster than a 7200rpm 80gb drive. In terms of writing at least. But nothing ever is. A ferrari isn't 10x faster than my Saturn, but costs...

Sep 2010

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I'm a professional photographer videographer and these drives are far too small for this purpose. Plus its bad to fill it up and empty it off over and over. Still noter better than dual 300gb raptors for that. But this is in my $348 acer amd 2ghz dual...

Very fast, 80gb is kinda enough space eps in raid 0 if u buy two, easy upgrade for desktop or laptop

You could buy four 320gb laptop drives for the price of this one. I hearbthey slow down after a while

Aug 2010

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Wow. Just. wow.

This drive will change how you think about computers forever. I own an Intel X25M-G2 as well as this drive, which is identical, right down to the label. It's difficult to explain what using one of these is truly like. You just don't wait for...

This is the crack of hard disks. You will be hooked and there is a very good chance that you will wind up selling yourself for money to buy more

Aug 2010

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I wont bother you with the benchmarks you can look elsewhere for that. What I will say is I cloned my RAID setup of win 7 ultimate onto this and it immediately adjusted itself for running on a SSD. My boot time went from 1.5 min to 17 seconds. End of...

FAST, reasonable price for a quality SSD, Intel architecture

Still a bit pricey

Aug 2010

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Not as fast as Intel G2 drive


Runs cool

Is not as fast as Intel's G2 drive. Intel G2 on HD Tune 2.55 gets max of 258 MB/sec and A-Data drive gets only 195 MB/sec on same notebook. Both have same firmware

Jul 2010

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IT IS A RE-BRANDED INTEL X-25M!!!!! Save yourself the $20 for the same thing. I have mine installed in an ASUS 1000H Netbook with 2GB G-Skill 4 latency RAM..... Greatly improved performance, and works great with windows 7. Only bottleneck in system...

LOW power consumption making it ideal for use in laptops or netbooks. .75W active consumption compared to 2.25W for Platter drive.... Greatly extends battery life due to lower power consumption and no moving parts so fan does not come on very often as...

Not faster? Not Cheaper.... I'm clutching at straws to complain about anything

Jul 2010

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Excellent device


Using my platter drives mainly for storage will extend the lives of the platters, beyond the lifespan I've usually gotten out of them. NOTE: If you're installing this into a tower PC as I did, you'll need some adapter brackets to fit it into your...

Extremely fast drive! This the first SSD I've ever used, so I can't compare with other SSDs. However, it has been running rock solid at alarming transfer rates. I used this puppy to replace my boot drive when my platter drive's boot sector went belly...

The data cells in an SSD may have finite number of reads. But frankly, it's likely to last me much longer than a platter drive, at the rate that I typically trash them

Jul 2010

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It's an Intel X25-M G2


I installed this in a Windows 7 32-bit HP Elitebook 8510W, but the speed increase compared to my 500GB 7200RPM Hitachi drive was not worth the sacrifice in disk space. So I took it out and installed it in a Windows XP HP TC4400, where the increased...

It's an Intel X25-M G2; it is labeled as such and recognized in Windows device manager as such. It will accept the latest Intel firmware. You can use Intel's SSD Toolbox (handy for TRIM in Windows XP)

Its installation did not result in world peace

Jul 2010

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love'n it


Enthusiasts rarely have a drive die of old age because they are always upgrading every time they reinstall their OS. It's the casual user that isn't eager to spend time+money for the latest+greatest -- they remain happy with their PC for 5+ years until...

I cleaned up and shrank my boot partition to 40gb in anticipation of jumping to an SSD. By the time I got around to it the 80gb SSDs became affordable. I used a copy of "Acronis True Image Home" I found on, cloned my 500gb C drive (only a...

The $125 40gb Intel SSD came with a 2.5=>3.5 adapter, but this unit doesn't include it. I need to order one right after this review

Jun 2010

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It Flies.


The cornerstone of my new build, this drive allows it to feel blazing fast with budget-minded components in all other positions. If you are upgrading, an SSD delivers a lot of bang for the buck from I've seen.

Blazing fast. Large enough to fit the OS and programs, but not so expensive as to bust the budget on my otherwise budget box. Intel innards (X25-M G2), so you know it is solid

Wish I could have afforded a larger drive

Mai 2010

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SolidStateDrive (SSD) Schnittstelle:Serial ATA II
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