Ampeg SVT-3PRO

Ampeg SVT-3PRO
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Aug 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Dave F (

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro


Okay, so the thing about this amp is... you buy it and take it home, and you get all excited and hook it up in your living room, and then you turn it on and wait (40 seconds) for it to turn on, and then you play it and it sounds clean and cool. Turning...

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Adam Ziolkowski (

Ampeg svt3pro


I play in rock and metal bands. I needed something to cut-thru heavily distorted guitars. And this is the one :) Great for fingerstyle and you can always use footswitchable graphic eq for a second channel to slap or sth. It cuts thru the band - no...

Aug 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Claudio Larrain (



This head is great. I play 70s rock with my band and a Fender Jazz Bass 62s classic and SVT gives me the tone I like. Easy to use, great power, a little clip when I play very loud. My dissapoint with this is about the tube sound I would like it have....

Aug 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Flaps the Vulture (

Ampeg SVT-3


I bought this head with the 610hlf. So many things I cant stand about this amp I dont know where to begin. First of all I played through this amp with spectors, warwicks, fenders, actives, passives you name it. 1. One of the biggest problems is some...

Dez 2006

Expertenbewertung von : DenverKen (

Ampeg SVT 3-PRO


I was afraid my days of tube warmth were over when I said goodbye to my SVT 2-PRO head because of its weight. I was wrong; this head has a lot of warmth thanks to 3 preamp tubes and 2 driver tubes. They call these hybrid heads because they combine a...

Mai 2006

Expertenbewertung von : Davide Radice (

Ampeg SVT-3PRO


It is my first tube amp but I've tried a lot of amps before I decided to buy this one. I'm pretty happy with it, even if just after 2 years it has started with an evident distorion at low volume (The local repair shop told that it is quite strange...

Sep 2001

Expertenbewertung von : Danny, been playing bass since 2/98 (

Ampeg SVT 3-Pro Head (used with SVT 810e Class


EMail : eljefe64@bellsouth.netThis is an amazing amp....I immediately fell in love with it from the momentI played it at a local Guitar Center (but I bought it at Sam Ash due to theridiculously low prices I got on both the amp and cab). This is a...

Jan 1997

Kundenmeinung (

Matos de qualité


Pour moi c'est tout à fait un ampli qui permet de jouer dans la cour des grands. Cela ne me rend pas meilleur mais ce matos n'a jamais été pris en défaut (sauf quand l'alim a grillé sur scène, pend...

Mai 2011

Kundenmeinung (

L'exelence de base


Je l'utilise depuit bientot 5 mois, vus que je travail en groupe avec des musiciens expérimenté et un chanteur ingénieur du son qui a l'habitude de travaillé sur des machines professionnel comme de...

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Avis Ampeg SVT-3 Pro par jukap sur Audiofanzine


Pour moi, trop pénible à utiliser, trop de défauts malgré quelques qualités indéniables. C'était ma première tête d'ampli après des années sur combos, achetée sur la renommée Ampeg et qq critiques...

Aug 2008