Linn Keilidh

Linn Keilidh
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Feb 2018

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Expertenbewertung von: René ---- (

Linn Keilidh


Fraaie open en warme klank. Afwerking met echt fineer is uit de kunst.

Warme en open klank.


Kundenmeinung von: JohnNick72 (

LINN Keilidh


I recently purchased a pair of Cherry finished Keilidhs, with the Ku-Stone bases, 2nd hand for what I think was a steal - $635 (these were ~$2K new a few years ago). I am running them in Bi-Amped AKtiv mode through Tara Labs RSC Prime 1000 powered from...

Great LookingGreat SoundingAktiv Flexibility

None Detected (so far)

Mär 2005

Kundenmeinung von: steve-03 (

LINN Keilidh


When i first lisened to the Keilidhs, i knew i wanted them, i had at the time Karik cd, Wakonda, and two Lk100 amps, they sounded much better than my Linn Index speakers, which was no suprise! But i found that the bass could not keep up with certain...

They gave the music emotion

They need alot of power for the bass, eg: they need to be 'Aktive' for you to fully enjoy the speakers

Mai 2003

Kundenmeinung von: Paul Lansell (

LINN Keilidh


Laying back for the first time to listen to the Keilidh's i tried a variety of musical forms. It excels in all forms with great feeling coming through in soft music such as Shawn Colvin or The Beautiful South. It also brings out the life in more upbeat...

Clarity and feeling in the music

Bass can on occasion be blurred

Mär 2003

Kundenmeinung von: p_yuan (

LINN Keilidh


I had a friend moving to Shanghai, who didn''t want to spend a lot to set up his HT. This gave me a chance to sell my 1st HT system. And now it''s my turn.During the test, it didn''t give me strong 1st impression but did present all details of music...

Good reproduction with Hi-end flavor

Not really, but from my personal feeling, it doesn''t have much strong character in sound

Apr 2002

Kundenmeinung von: (

LINN Keilidh


Keilidh is a very smooth speaker never fatiguing even at high volumelevels.The central image & the soundstage it creates is great for a$2K speaker.What i like most about them is the ability to listen forhours & i mean hours,without getting tired.I use...

Beautifully Built ,Quality & most of all - "Music as heard from Keilidhs

Bass only goes down to 50Hz(passive)

Apr 2002

Kundenmeinung von: laslit (

Linn Keilidh


Kan köras aktivt = 8 ohm eller passivt = 4 ohm

Kundenmeinung von: hembiomuppen (

Linn Keilidh


Klar och fin ljudbild men lite tunna i basen.

Kundenmeinung von: kipln (

Linn Keilidh


Suveräna högtalare

Kundenmeinung von: mindtech_ (

Linn Keilidh


Varmt och skönt ljud med sherwood förstärkaren, både musik och film har blivit bättre