Sunbeam Cafe Series Programmable Espresso

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Lärm, Verarbeitungsqualität, Zuverlässigkeit

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Kundenmeinung von: Stan Bass (

Had 2 of these .... awsome


Won't say any more than "Awsome" ... Sunbeam make the best "budget" coffee machine on the market ...those people who had a bad experiance with them must have maybe got a "Monday" morning machine ... just got an EM5600 as well it .... onya...

Feb 2015

Kundenmeinung von: Wocket (

Nice Coffee..Bad build qualtiy


I "purchased" my machine though a employee rewards scheme just less than year ago and now is making horrible noises (It appears to be due to the inability to vent the excess pressure to the drip tray instead trying to vent through the head) Being...

Simple to use (12 year old Grand-daughter made great coffees with ease)

Design and build quality

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung von: JackBenny (



It's unlikely I would buy another Sunbeam product after reading the opinions listed here. I had a Seaco that cost around 1400aud new, and it lasted for a decade. My sunbeam is not a year old.

Easy to use, good size and makes an excellent brew for the first few months.

I make two cups p/day only; one a single cup, the other using the commercial cup. Our machine began to be unable to make sufficient pressure on the commercial cup, and is now struggling to reach pressure on the single cup. I've cleaned the group head...

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: fishotodd (



I've had two of these mahines, both bought second hand. The first worked solidly for 7 years, making 4-5 double shot espressos a day without any servicing other than an occaisional clean of the head filter. It was until it was left in storage for 3...

Easy to use and makes great coffee

none, no problems at all

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung von: ncc1701d (



I used this machine for about 6 months and when I came back from overseas the machines programing didnt work properly. I took it to the service provider that Sunbeam instructed me to for repair and they changed parts on the machine and charged me for...

The machine was relativley cheap to buy and worked well for a while. It make a great cup of coffee.

It made too much noise and leaked sometimes. Sunbeams service was very bad on this item.

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung von: MARKL (



Worked well for two year but then started playing up - Ok we will get it repaired BUT no spares available despite it being just over 2 years old ...SHAMEFUL. E mailed Sunbeam but no response - e mailed again response. Phoned up & explained the...

Easy to use ...made good coffee BUT...

Lasted just over two year before it broke down. Drip tray did not collect waste water properly.Pump tempermental.

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung von: lindsaydj (



The warranty is not long enough and and when you find out these problems the customer service does not want to know you even going to consumer affairs can't do any thing for you !!!!! buyer beware Ld Belmont

The only pros that it looks good sitting on the bench when visitors come

turn it on it take a long time to heat up,the over flow tray is corroding and after you make any coffee there is always water leaking out on the bench

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung von: cammo1971 (



Although I do not own a Sunbeam coffee machine (I have a 3 year old SAECO which has not missed a beat). However I can contribute to the forum by letting you all know that I purchased 2 Sunbeam products (blender PB9500, mixmaster MX8900) 6 months ago...

Sunbeam have no pro's

Its a Sunbeam

Jun 2009

Kundenmeinung von: ccollins (



I have had this machine now for 15 months. It has made great coffee in that 15 months, as long as I descale and and clean the filter every two months. We rinse out and air dry the drip tray after each use and it still looks new, however these machines...

easy to use touch button semi automatic

is not built to last, fidely to clean the filter.

Mär 2009

Kundenmeinung von: Vikstar (



I will never buy sunbeam again, especially coffee machines. It was an expensive lesson, $500.00 for a machine that was broken and getting replaced or fixed more often than I actually used it. It still looks brand new sitting in it's box and I keep...

It makes a great coffee

I have had it replaced 4 times each time something new breaks on it and now it has run out of warrenty. It is loud and vibrates alot

Mär 2009