DBX Soundfield 1a - (Floorstanding Speakers)

DBX Soundfield 1a - (Floorstanding Speakers)
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Sep 2017

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Kundenmeinung von: Chris Tucker (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


Not going to beat around the bush here, if you can find a pair or working DBX Soundfield 1A's with the controller, buy them!

Jul 2017

Kundenmeinung von: tim (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


WoW ,,, I'm amazed every time I fire these babies up the love power and amaze everyone who listens ......I had pair that I bought from DBX directly in the late 80's .... I've reassembled my original system and I found this current pair 4 months ago ......

Feb 2016

Kundenmeinung von: Bill (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


I purchased a pair of DBX Soundfield ones new 35 years ago.The are in pristine condition.I have had the woofers refoamed.The only problem I had was a defective woofer during the warranty period,which DBX replaced.

Mai 2014

Kundenmeinung von: Sam (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


I have been a big fan of dbx for a number of years. I had seen the SF-1s once while only knowing 1 person with a pair. At that time I thought they were the most phenominal speakers I had ever heard. I finally found a used pair in mint condition and...

Mär 2013

Kundenmeinung von: david moran (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


The dbx SF1A is an amazing, excellent speaker but yes, you have to use the outboard EQ, absolutely. (I worked in dbx engineering through the 1980s and wrote the manuals.) The drivers are actually not cheap and perform very well, but in a time when...

Feb 2013

Kundenmeinung von: rjmanny (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


I own a pair of soundfield 1As and every time I think its time for them to go i re evaluate and keep them. I would agree that the drivers are cheap--seriously cheap--if they were in any other type of speaker i am sure they would sound horrible. That...

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung von: emaidel (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


I worked for dbx and received a pair of the Soundfield 1a's free, as "samples." Even as freebies, I still wound up giving them away, once I had the woofers repaired in a different pair of speakers that I returned to listening to afterwards.

Okt 2006

Kundenmeinung von: emaidel (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a - (Floorstanding Speakers)

Okt 2006

Kundenmeinung von: audiophilly a Casual Listener (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


these are by far the hottest cookers that I've ever laid these eyes on. My Mom said that they were to loud, but I just had my Amp way to loud for the most excellent sensitivity that these cookers exibit. One time I made breakfast with real butter.

Dez 2003

Kundenmeinung von: Michael Myjak (audioreview.com)

DBX Soundfield 1a Floorstanding Speakers


The soundfield 1a speaker system has got to be the best set of speakers ever produced. These speakers will stand up to anything made.

Jan 2001

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